How To Become A Children’s Dentist And Work With Kids

How To Become A Children's Dentist And Work With KidsA children’s dentist is known as a pediatric dentist. Any dentist can become a pediatric dentist with an additional specialization in pediatrics. While it is common for pediatric dentists to cater to kids alone, yet there are many who attend to kids and adults.

A pediatric dentist usually educates parents and kids on brushing and flossing techniques, diagnose the overall dental health of kids and would attend to various kinds of diagnoses, tooth extractions and cavities.

How To Become A Children’s Dentist

The route to becoming a children’s dentist is the same as a normal dentist with a slight difference. An aspirant would need to have a high school diploma with science subjects in their curriculum at high school. After the undergraduate program necessary for a particular dental school or college, the aspirant will have to undergo the four year course for doctor of dental surgery or doctor of dental medicine. Both the degrees are actually the same even though the nomenclature is different. After attaining the DDS or DMD degree, a dentist would have to sign up for a course on pediatric dentistry. It is usually a two or three year course that has been approved by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

After becoming a pediatric dentist, one would have to apply for the license to practice pediatric dentistry in a state. There are national exams and state licensing exams that are approved by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and American Dental Association.

How To Work With Kids

Pediatric dentistry is not very different from general dentistry but the difference lies in the age of the patients. While handling kids, dentists need a far more calm, patient and interactive approach. Even adults are anxious of dental procedures and treatments. Some kids can be extremely averse to visiting a dentist and can be very uncomfortable in a clinical setting. Thus pediatric dentists need to be particularly good at handling kids. Pediatric dentists need to be better communicators so they can calm their young patients and can also properly explain the problems and treatments to the parents.

Pediatric dentists often design their practices in a kids-friendly manner with games, colorful settings and have special approaches.

While pediatric dentists have the same promising career opportunities as normal dentists, a children’s dentist may just earn a bit more than general dentists attending to adults.

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